Greater Vancouver Credit Union

Harj Wahid
Mutual Funds Investment Specialist, Credential Asset Management Inc.
Senior Loans Officer, Greater Vancouver Community Credit Union


tel: 604.298-3344
fax: 604.298-3417


Current Rates (As off May 20th, 2020)
1 Year 3.60%
2 Year 3.75%
3 Year 4.00%
4 Year 4.50%
5 Year 5.15%


We are still using a 90% rental offset on new purchases for principal residences and if the property is an investment property try using 75% offset just for qualifications.

Deals have to be submitted to and all the docs must be sent in with the submission.

GVCCU always requires 3 yrs T1 Gens, 3yrs T4's, and 3 yrs NOA's.


Then the main credit dept sends the deals out to whichever branch they choose.


Also, keep in mind that you can only use the rental income from 1 suite in the owner-occupied home even if there are more suites and it must be a legal suite.


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